Multiple providers and helpful comparison tools make QuoteWizard an attractive choice for finding car insurance.

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QuoteWizard 2024 Review

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QuoteWizard Car Insurance Review – Pros, Cons and Coverage

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Multiple providers and helpful comparison tools make QuoteWizard an attractive choice for finding car insurance.

QuoteWizard is one of the top sites for comparing car insurance options online. You can easily compare providers, find the best quotes, and sign up for the perfect car insurance for your needs.

User reviews show that one of the best features is how simple it is to generate quotes based on their personal criteria.

In this guide, we are going to cover some other key benefits of using QuoteWizard, as well as potential downsides, customer reviews, how to sign up for coverage, and more.

QuoteWizard: What You Need to Know

QuoteWizard is the largest online comparison marketplace for insurance. It provides useful tips, tools, and resources for users looking for the best rates and coverage. Customers can compare information about providers all in one place.

QuoteWizard does not sell policies itself but connects customers with insurance agents in their area.

QuoteWizard partners with over 7,000 insurance agents around the country to offer users a wide variety of options. That often includes directing users straight to insurance websites.

How Does QuoteWizard Car Insurance Work?

Customers enter their information online and agree to get calls and emails from insurance agents and companies. These qualified agents work with you to find the most competitive auto insurance rates.

You can also easily compare different insurance companies right from the site. For instance, you can pick Allstate vs. Geico and learn about the pros and cons of each.

Where is QuoteWizard Insurance Available?

QuoteWizard has car insurance quotes for customers nationwide and has corporate offices in Seattle, Denver, and Sacramento.

How Much Does QuoteWizard Cost?

Six factors affect how much you pay for car insurance:

  • Bundling
  • Discounts
  • Coverage Amount
  • Neighborhood
  • Your Insurer
  • Driving Record

QuoteWizard compiles helpful information about insurance in each state. This is because customers in different states and cities often see very different rates.

_For example, Detroit has a much higher rate of auto theft per capita than Los Angeles, so rates are higher. _

Here is some more information about what could affect your premiums.

Rate Hikes

Accidents, traffic tickets, and moving violations are all ways that your rates can go up. Claims stay on your record for three years. This is why some people choose to pay for minor accidents out of pocket.

Major traffic tickets and moving violations also affect your rate. You’ll get a higher penalty for a DUI, for example, than for a speeding ticket. That might drop you to the “non-preferred driver” category.

Risk Factors

The number of uninsured motorists in your neighborhood or a rising crime rate can lead to a rate hike.

Extreme weather (natural disasters) also affects your rates. Places with wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods have higher rates. Rate hikes affect everyone statewide no matter how good of a driver they are.

For instance, 2017 was the costliest year for natural disasters on record. Damages exceeded $300 billion. This was higher than the previous record of $214.8 billion during 2005, the year of Hurricane Katrina.

Insurers who have a bad year will raise rates the next year to offset their losses. Fortunately, insurance is regulated by the state insurance commissioner to prevent extreme increases – yet a combination of factors could spell an increase on your bill.

As insurers lose money in other areas (like home), they often pass on the losses to auto rates.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has an impact on rates. Use of smartphones/texting is one factor. Using a navigation system, looking at a GPS, watching a video in the car, or adjusting the radio are others.

Cars themselves are becoming more distracting. For example, General Motors has rolled out unlimited data plans for its cars. These add-ons can contribute to accidents and increase rates across the board.

The losses add up. In 2017 insurance provider State Farm lost more than $7 billion on its auto insurance underwriting business.

Rising Costs

Healthcare costs are rising. Insurance companies cover drivers or others injured in accidents with liability insurance. Thus it costs more for insurers to pay for people’s medical bills.

Cars are made with expensive technology that costs more to repair or replace. The costs are then passed on to drivers – whether their car is new or not.

Loyalty Penalty

Some insurers test their customers’ tolerance for rate increases. It is a way that insurers penalize loyal customers. The practice is a wake-up call for customers with annual (or worse, more often) rate increases that it might be time to shop around.

It’s not worth it to suffer from excessive rate increases. QuoteWizard lets customers compare quotes from multiple agents. Look around to see what other providers offer and you could save big.

What Does QuoteWizard Cover?

QuoteWizard has the best rates from the top insurance companies. They have guides to tell you what’s important about each provider, plus tools to compare providers online

Some of the providers you can compare include AAA, AIG, Allied, Allstate, American Family, American National, Amica Mutual, Country Financial, Erie, Esurance, Farmers, Foremost, Geico, The General, The Hartford, Infinity, Kemper, Liberty Mutual, Mercury, MetLife, National General, Nationwide, Progressive, Travelers, Safeco, Safe Auto, State Farm, 21st Century, and USAA.

Telematics and Car Insurance

QuoteWizard works with providers who use telematics devices. These devices go into a car’s diagnostic port. They track data about driving behaviors like:

  • Where the car is driven
  • How many miles per day it’s driven
  • What time of day the car is driven
  • Driving habits like braking, sharp turns, etc

Insurers such as Progressive, General Motors, and Allstate use some form of this program.

The device can be used to reward good drivers and now, possibly, to penalize bad drivers.

Other benefits of these devices are:

  • Analyzing data associated with an accident
  • Tracking and recovering stolen vehicles

Usage-based devices have a two-fold effect. Good drivers enjoy lower rates, but bad drivers who speed or run traffic lights will get higher rates.

Driving in Mexico

Anyone planning a trip to Mexico should buy a Mexican insurance policy. Drivers are required to have liability insurance from a Mexican insurance company. American liability insurance doesn't count.

American insurers sell comprehensive and collision coverage within a certain distance of the border. The limit is usually 25-100 miles. Even with this, you will need a Mexican liability policy to legally drive.

You’ll want to ask for a tourist insurance policy and pay in pesos if you can. Paying in pesos is usually cheaper than dollars. You can buy a policy at the border or online.

Driver’s License

U.S. driver’s licenses are accepted south of the border. But to be safe, you can get an international driver’s permit from AAA. This will translate your driver’s license into Spanish.

Driving in Canada

Your insurance is likely enough to cover you while you’re in Canada, but you want to check that you have enough liability coverage. Drivers in most of Canada must have $200,000 in liability insurance and drivers in Quebec must have $50,000.

Request a proof of insurance card from your insurer, as well as a Non-Resident Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card.

QuoteWizard Car Insurance Features

  • Founded in 2006
  • Headquartered in Seattle
  • Acquired by LendingTree in 2018
  • Self-funded and family-owned since its founding
  • Can compare up to 30 insurance providers online
  • Includes informative guides to safe driving, teen driving, and more
  • Provides information about car insurance costs in each state
  • Partners with insurance agents nationwide

Pros and Cons of QuoteWizard Car Insurance

Here are some pros and cons we found about QuoteWizard car insurance.


  • Website makes it easy to compare providers online
  • Helpful how-to guides on car insurance
  • Can get quotes from multiple agents
  • Competitive rates
  • Auto, home, health, and life insurance provided


  • QuoteWizard doesn’t provide quotes; 3rd-party agents do
  • Customers must agree to get telemarketing calls
  • Website doesn’t work with some browsers
  • Site redirects to third parties for quotes

Discounts on QuoteWizard Car Insurance

There are many possible discounts available through QuoteWizars.

These include bundle, defensive driving, safety measures, accident-free, accident forgiveness, and more.

Actual discounts depend on the provider. QuoteWizard lets you compare companies to find the best discounts for you.

Remember that even your choice of car could affect your rates. Minivans are cheaper while sports cars have higher premiums.

QuoteWizard Car Insurance Customer Reviews

QuoteWizard has an A+ rating on QuoteWizard. It has been BBB-accredited since 2013 and in business for 11 years.

QuoteWizard has 46 BBB customer reviews with a one-star rating on average. It has 56 customer complaints. Most of the complaints are from customers who didn’t consent or expect to receive calls.

Clearsurance.com did its own survey to see how people felt about QuoteWizard. It surveyed 789 people who used the nine most common comparison marketplaces. 137 of them were QuoteWizard customers.

_“Great service! QuoteWizard connected me to an agent that helped me lower my auto insurance bill in minutes. It wasn't exactly how I expected it to work but the results were better than I hoped for.” _- Larry

81.8% of QuoteWizard.com customers rated it positively, giving it an average of 4.18 out of 5 stars. About 80% said they were comfortable with how their personal information was used.

78.1% of customers reported they were happy they had used the service.

How to Apply for QuoteWizard Car Insurance

Customers can get auto insurance quotes on QuoteWizard.com.

To apply:

  1. Go to www.quotewizard.com
  2. Enter in the year, make, and model of your car.
  3. Enter your name, email address, home address and phone number.
  4. Consent to receive telemarketing calls, text messages, emails, and postal mail from QuoteWizard, their marketing and remarketing network, and up to eight insurance companies or their affiliates.
  5. You will be directed to the websites of matching insurance companies.

How to File an Insurance Claim with QuoteWizard

QuoteWizard does not handle insurance claims. Customers should file insurance claims directly with their providers.

How to Contact QuoteWizard

Headquarters: 157 Yesler Way Ste 400 Seattle, WA 98104-3431 Customer service: (866) 224-2194 Email: [email protected] Facebook: facebook.com/QuoteWizard Twitter: twitter.com/quotewizard

Does QuoteWizard Offer Other Kinds of Insurance?

Yes, QuoteWizard gives quotes for renters, home, life, health, and Medicare supplement insurance.


QuoteWizard has a lot of clear, jargon-free information on its website. Its buyer guides clarify issues and sources of confusion around car insurance.

Customers who knew what to expect were generally happy with QuoteWizard’s service.

The company is well positioned to meet its customers financial and insurance needs, especially now that it has been bought by LendingTree.

In the future, we would love to see the option for online quotes. Right now the whole process takes place off of the website.

In conclusion, QuoteWizard makes it easy and convenient to get competitive auto insurance quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cancellation and non-renewal of my insurance policy the same thing?

No, they are different. You want to avoid cancellation whenever possible because it stays on your record for five years. Insurance carriers can cancel your policy for late payment or if they find out you lied on your application. Non-renewal has lower penalties and happens if you’ve filed multiple claims in a short period or they are just restructuring. Usually, you have 20-45 days from the time you receive the letter to find a new insurer.

How soon after an accident should I call my insurance company?

Most people recommend you call within 72 hours after the accident. Of course, sooner is good too. Your adjuster will interview you and anyone else involved and examine your vehicle if needed.

Does QuoteWizard sell insurance policies?

No, QuoteWizard is an online comparison marketplace. It puts you in touch with agents with the most competitive insurance rates.

I had a minor accident and I’m considering paying out of pocket. Is that a good idea?

If it’s a minor accident that costs less than your deductible, you could consider it, especially if only your car was involved and there are no injuries. Some insurance carriers offer accident forgiveness where you can file a claim without increasing your rates. Otherwise, filing a claim can increase your rates by 20-40%, according to Investopedia.

Is my pet covered by my car insurance if I get in an accident?

Some insurance carriers do offer insurance for pets up to a certain amount.

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