Cheapest General Liability Insurance


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- Updated February 23, 2024

Cheapest General Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is a coverage that guards against financial losses brought on by legal claims made against people or organizations for physical harm or property damage. While liability insurance is essential for shielding yourself from legal exposure, it may be expensive, so many individuals are looking for the least costly alternatives. In this article, we'll examine some of the significant elements that can affect liability insurance rates and offer advice on how to locate the least expensive policy that satisfies your requirements. This post might help you decide how to protect yourself while also keeping your costs in check, whether you're a small business owner or an individual searching for liability coverage.

What is general liability insurance?

The most important type of business insurance your company needs is general liability insurance.

General liability insurance, which may also be referred to as "general commercial liability" (CGL) insurance or "business liability insurance," safeguards a commercial business against the financial repercussions that may result from the bodily injury or property damage of a third party, as well as the personal or advertising injury of a customer or client. It provides the necessary protection so that you may keep your attention on growing your company. The even better news is that it is both simple and inexpensive to acquire.


What does general liability insurance cost?

General liability insurance costs small business owners, on average, $42 per month or $504 annually.

Just four factors—where you work, what you do, how long you need coverage for, and the size of your team—determine the price of a CGL policy. Thimble can arrange policies starting at $17 a month, but since every company is different, it's best to request a general liability insurance quote.

While we discuss costs, let's discuss deductibles. The sum you pay for general liability insurance is referred to as your "premium" when you purchase coverage through Thimble (by the job, month, or year). However, do you have to pay more when you submit a claim? Not entirely; your "deductible" is the sum you are accountable for in the event that you make a claim. By making policyholders share in the cost of a claim, a deductible motivates them to make efforts to prevent a loss.

For instance, you would only have paid your premium and deductible in exchange for $1 million in coverage if you chose a $250 deductible on a general liability policy with a $1 million maximum and subsequently filed a claim for total limits. We think the math is very sound. Thimble offers CGL coverage with deductibles ranging from $1,000 to zero.

Low monthly premiums of $17, average monthly premiums of $42, coverage of $1 million or more, and deductibles as low as $0. If you're only looking for affordable general liability insurance, keep in mind that this is a necessary start-up cost, much like business cards or a website. In the end, the price is insignificant in light of its value.


Here are six of the market's most affordable providers of general liability insurance:


The most significant overall insurance provider with reasonably priced general liability coverage is Progressive Commercial. Because of its financial stability, customer courtesy, and customer convenience, it received a 4.25 out of 5 rating. It provides:

  • High general liability limits.
  • The flexibility to combine it with additional coverage your company requires.
  • A number of savings.

For new clients, the median monthly cost is $48. It is readily available and always available. In Hawaii, it does not, however, provide general liability. A $2 million aggregate limit on a $1 million general liability policy costs $30 per month or $366 per year.

Progressive often provides general liability and business owner's insurance (BOP). However, it can be purchased separately through the Progressive Advantage® Business Program. Even if not all of your current policies are with Progressive, you can use this program to get quick quotes and save money by bundling.

The Hartford

The Hartford is an excellent option for general liability insurance for your small business. Because of its financial stability, accessibility, and the policies it provides, it received a score of 4 out of 5. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it's also one of the top suppliers of general liability insurance. It offers in-house claims adjusters who deliver a good experience and has a configurable quoting system that allows you to change liability limits to suit your business needs.

A $1 million general liability policy with $2 million in aggregate limits costs $29.25 per month or $351 per year, according to a quotation we received from The Hartford.

With its monoline general liability policy, The Hartford offers a variety of additional coverage options, such as limited liability and professional liability. The Hartford is the best option for you if your small business is a tax or accounting firm or you have created an LLC.


  • The Hartford's business owner's insurance allows you to add coverage for data breaches, professional liability, and business income for off-premises utility services.
  • You can track your claims online and submit claims over the phone.
  • Online, you can request an insurance certificate and add more insureds.


  • Must speak with a representative to finalize a purchase.
  • In Alaska or Hawaii, there is no coverage available.
  • According to NerdWallet's data, there are more complaints about general liability, commercial property, and workers' compensation insurance than expected for a business of its size.


Vouch Insurance received a rating of 3.5 out of 5 for its policies, financial security, and convenience. It is the most significant general liability insurance provider for start-up companies because it was created for them. Despite being a fundamental policy, general liability can be complex for start-ups to get because prior revenue is considered when generating quotes. Vouch won't concentrate on that; instead, it will focus on the funding obtained. Vouch gave us the second-lowest quote in our evaluation.

Vouch insurance policies cost $25 per month or $300 per year. This insurance includes a $1 million maximum, $2 million in aggregate limits, and a $1,000 per occurrence deductible.

Unlike every other carrier examined for this guide, Vouch strongly emphasizes start-ups and does not inquire about your company's revenue. Based on the quote, the general liability insurance with Vouch looks to be bundled as a BOP. You can add extra insurance, including coverage for rented or non-owned cars or digital accessibility.


  • General liability insurance for newly established companies
  • Submissions of applications and approvals can all be completed online.
  • Get coverage in less than 10 minutes, making it quick and easy.


  • They haven't been around for long, less than two years
  • No currently available in every state
  • A relatively small number of reviews from customers


The biBerk company asserts that they can cut your general liability insurance premiums by 20%. They provide a simple online quote system and have received overwhelmingly favorable feedback. You have the option of doing everything online, or you can give us a call and speak to one of our specialists. They have excellent financial strength because they are a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.


A member of the Berkshire Hathaway family with outstanding financial strength and reputation, Outstanding digital knowledge, and expertise

Provide affordable coverage for additional products that small businesses may require, such as workers' compensation and commercial auto insurance.

Very reasonable and affordable prices

It is simple to modify your coverage limits and deductibles to achieve the desired level of premium savings.


  • Because their low rate may come with lower coverage limits and deductibles, you should pay attention to these details when comparing the quotations they offer to those of other companies.
  • They are yet to be available in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.


The ease of use and variety of insurance coverage offered earned Thimble a score of 3.75 out of 5. In addition, it scored highly in our assessment because it provided the general liability insurance quote that was the least expensive. Contractors, particularly those working in the construction industry, are aware of how crucial it is to have instant COIs as well as ones that can be modified on the fly to keep the project going forward. Thimble is the app that we suggest most highly to independent contractors due to the fact that it enables users to personalize and share an unlimited number of certificates of insurance at no additional cost.

With Thimble, the cost of general liability coverage with a limit of $1 million is $21.88 per month or $262.50 per year.


  • You can obtain an estimate of the cost and buy insurance online in a matter of minutes.
  • Certificate Manager is a tool that may be used by contractors and the individuals who manage them to either confirm that their insurance meets the requirements outlined in their contracts or to obtain coverage that meets those requirements.
  • You can purchase coverage by the month or by the job.


  • Thimble does not sell commercial auto insurance.
  • The only way to contact customer care is through their website.


NEXT, you can do everything online—get a price, insurance, and certificate. If your small business grows, Next can provide the necessary insurance coverage because they also provide worker's compensation and professional liability insurance. Bundling will result in a 10% discount for you. 4.7 out of 5 stars have been given to them based on reviews from more than 100,000 customers.


  • NEXT is a digital broker supported by respected reinsurance provider Munich Re and some of the top venture capital firms.
  • The best digital experience online includes entirely digital quotation requests, policy purchases, certificate of insurance downloads, and policy management.
  • Really affordable prices. They frequently provide coverage at some of the most affordable prices for contractors of all stripes.


  • A brand-new business was established in 2016. They do not yet have a significant historical record.
  • Larger organizations might have trouble locating quotes online.

How can you save money on general liability insurance?

Nobody wants to spend more for general liability insurance than is necessary. Here are some tips to help you save money.

Compare prices.

Many businesses have different policies regarding other companies, locations, etc. Before choosing a carrier, seek quotations from at least three or four others, as there are many factors that go into a general liability price for a small business.

Combine your policies.

This could not apply to you if you're only looking for general liability insurance. Yet if your company expands, you might require extra coverage. Often, if you purchase everything from the carrier, you'll receive a 5–10% discount.

complete payment

You may receive a discount if you pay in full rather than monthly.

Handle risks successfully.

To help encourage safety, you can add security or fire alarms. Also, ensure that places are well-lit, spills are cleaned immediately, and walkways are clear. Make it a priority to establish a safe workplace since if you have to file a claim, your rates will increase, sometimes significantly.

Select between reduced coverage limits and a higher deductible.

The rates can be reduced by raising the deductible or lowering the coverage cap. To reduce the rate, you can decide to do that. Make sure you have the funds available to pay the deductible if necessary.



Liability insurance is a crucial kind of protection that can shield you from potentially catastrophic financial losses. There are numerous methods to acquire affordable coverage that satisfies your needs, even though the cost of liability insurance can vary significantly depending on a number of criteria. You can ensure you obtain the finest coverage at the best price by being aware of the critical variables that influence liability insurance rates and shopping around for quotes from different providers. In your hunt for the most affordable liability insurance, we hope that this piece has been instructive and valuable. Never forget to conduct thorough research and weigh your options before deciding on a specific insurance coverage.

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