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- Updated April 10, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Simply Business and Tivly are both legitimate small business insurance brokers.
  • Simply Business can give you quotes via email
  • Tivly calls you to complete the quote process
  • Both brokers provide fast, free, and competitive quotes
Simply Business vs. Tivly

Most civil lawsuits involve small businesses, with financial damages easily soaring over $50,000. Unfortunately, a majority of businesses encounter lawsuits at some point. Business insurance is an essential safety net that covers litigation fees, theft, and other commercial needs.

Simply Business and Tivly are both online insurance agencies that help small business owners find suitable business insurance. Let’s go over the key features of Simply Business and Tivly, the pros and cons of each, and how to choose business insurance.


Simply Business Key Features

Founded in 2005, Simply Business is an online broker that is partnered with business insurance companies. Simply Business helps small business owners swiftly obtain quotes for the type of insurance they need.

Application process

You can apply for a quote on Simply Business’ website. Simply Business will ask you for your business details and key information to determine what kind of business insurance aligns with your needs.

Within minutes, Simply Business can provide you with competitive quotes. Some policy premiums are only a few dollars different from each other.

Coverage options

Simply Business represents multiple high-end insurance providers such as Hiscox and Travelers. Insurance coverage you can obtain through Simply Business includes:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Home-Based Business Insurance
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Business Personal Property
  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Tools And Equipment Insurance
  • Sole Proprietors’ Workers’ Compensation

Claims processing

Simply Business does not handle claims since they are an insurance broker, not an insurance carrier. Simply Business notes that if you cannot find your policy documents, you can contact them by phone or email to procure a new copy of your insurance policy.


Simply Business is free to use for finding small business insurance quotes. The quotes that you receive will depend on various factors, such as the risk level of the industry, number of employees you have, and type of coverage.

Customer service and reputation

We give Simply Business a 4.5 star rating. They receive plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Many small business owners have reviewed the company as offering fantastic customer service. Representatives from Simply Business answer questions with confidence and clarity, making it easier for business owners to acquire quotes for the insurance they want.

Pros and cons


  • Conveniently gives you quotes from different insurers
  • Easy to find affordable business insurance coverage online
  • Business insurance starts at $22.50 a month, lower than many other online brokers
  • Offers extensive online resources


  • Does not underwrite its own policies so you will need to work with a third party
  • Some quotes do require a phone call before you can receive a final quote
  • Does not handle its own claims

Tivly Key Features

With over 20 years of insurance experience, Tivly is a great insurance agency that helps people and businesses find the insurance products they need.

Application process

You can apply for a free quote through Tivly’s website. Tivly will ask for your details, including your name and ZIP code. After that, a Tivly live representative will reach out to you to walk you through a quick intake questionnaire. This allows them to help you find competitive insurance quotes, connecting you to suitable insurance carriers.

Coverage options

Tivly connects business owners with a network of 200+ trusted insurance carriers. These insurance providers offer a wide range of business insurance products, including:

  • Business Owners Policy
  • Business Renters
  • Certificate of Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Cyber
  • Directors and Officers
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage
  • Errors & Omissions
  • General Liability
  • Hazard
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation

Claims processing

Since Tivly is an insurance broker and insurtech company, policyholders do not file claims with Tivly.


Tivly is free to use for finding small business insurance quotes. The quotes that you receive will depend on various factors, such as the risk level of the industry, the number of employees you have, and what coverage you want.

Customer service and reputation

We give Tivly a 4.2 star rating. Their services are fast and they have been connecting businesses to commercial insurance carriers for two decades. Customers who have used Tivly report that Tivly has great customer service, with representatives who are “very efficient, easy to talk to”.

Pros and cons


  • Has a large network of 200+ insurance brokers, agents, and carriers
  • Saves you time
  • Simple quote process
  • Safe to use
  • 15+ years of helping people find competitive insurance policies


  • Doesn’t underwrite or service insurance policies
  • You will need to work with the insurance carrier to obtain service or file claims
  • The quote process isn’t completely online – you need to speak with a person

Comparing Simply Business and Tivly

Quoting process

Simply Business helps match small business owners with insurance companies by providing fast quotes. You don’t necessarily need to make any phone calls since you can receive your quotes by email. Note that some quotes may require you to speak with the provider before getting a final quote.

As for Tivly, it’s incredibly fast to give the broker your key contact and business details. After that, Tivly will quickly follow up with a phone call to help you find up-to-date, competitive quotes for the type of business insurance you’re seeking.

Both brokers offer fast and convenient quotes. If you want a quoting process that gets you connected with an expert agent faster and involves a more individualized experience, consider Tivly. Tivly contacts applicants to inquire about what kind of insurance they’re looking for.

If you want to skip the phone call and just receive your insurance quotes by email, Simply Business may be the better option.

Pricing comparison and payment options

Simply Business and Tivly are both free to use for business owners to get matched with commercial insurance providers.

Availability by region

Simply Business and Tivly offer quotes for insurance coverage of any of the 50 states or Washington D.C. Simply Business asks for your main location, whereas Tivly requests your ZIP code.

Certain insurance products may not be available in every area.

Data security and privacy

Simply Business’s privacy policy discusses in detail how information may be collected, used, sold, and disclosed. Reasonable measures are taken to help protect and secure personal information.

Tivly’s privacy policy discloses how the company uses, discloses, and protects personal information. Technical and organizational measures serve to reasonably protect personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration.


Insurance discounts are carrier-specific, which means insurance brokers like Tivly and Simply Business will not typically advertise discounts. If you’re shopping for business insurance, here are some common discounts to ask your prospective insurance provider about:

  • Multi-policy discount: Insurers often incentivize having multiple policies with them.

  • Security discount: If you maintain a reasonable security system for your workplace, you might be eligible for a discount.

  • Bundle discount: By bundling numerous types of coverage together, you might be able to save on commercial insurance. A BOP is the most common way to bundle business insurance together for small business owners. For example, a BOP may include general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and other essential coverage.


Tivly and Simply Business can both be used to quickly find business insurance quotes. Initial application for insurance quotes can be easily done via each broker’s website. Both agencies are great for small business owners.


Quoting process: With Tivly, a live agent will help you do an intake questionnaire. This helps them connect you to quotes from a suitable business insurance carrier. This can usually be done within 10 minutes. Tivly representatives are friendly and professional, helping you comfortably find good commercial insurance.

On the other hand, Simply Business may allow you to skip the phone call option if you opt to receive quotes by email. This convenience is preferred by those who want to apply for quotes but aren’t in a rush to receive them immediately. Note that some quotes require applicants to speak with the provider before they can receive a final quote.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews and company reputation are important elements to consider when deciding which insurance broker is better suited for you. We rate Simply Business 4.5 stars and Tivly 4.2 stars for their overall services and quote comparison.

Deciding Which Company is Right for You


Both Simply Business and Tivly can connect you to a wide variety of commercial insurance policies. Business insurance coverage is critical for small businesses, but not all types of commercial insurance are necessary depending on your industry and business details. Here are the standard insurance policies you can find that are recommended for small businesses.

General Liability Insurance: This type of policy covers third-party losses, such as property damage and injury. These are also known as slip-and-fall policies.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP): A BOP is a convenient and more affordable bundle that combines general liability insurance with commercial property insurance. This helps cover liability as well as fire, theft, and other losses.

Cyber Insurance: With cyber crime running rampant, cyber insurance policies are essential in today’s digital age. This covers expenses related to eligible cyber threats such as data breaches. Coverage often includes legal fees and data recovery costs. While many small business owners believe that they cannot be targeted, online scams and data theft are extremely common and costly.

Commercial property insurance: If your business owns equipment, furniture, tools, inventory, or supplies, it’s important to obtain commercial property insurance. This helps provide financial reimbursements in case items are damaged or lost due to fire, theft, and other perils.


Since both Simply Business and Tivly are free for small business owners to use when searching for business insurance quotes, it makes more sense to consider how much time it will take to call upon each broker’s services. Both Simply Business and Tivly can help you get affordable small business insurance quotes in around 10 minutes, though Tivly does require a warm introduction phone call to secure you more suitable quotes.


Tivly gives you quotes quickly and for free. After you give Tivly your information, you will be contacted by a Tivly representative. Since they have already received your basic personal and business profile, the phone call will be warm. The introduction to quotes will be smooth and easy, and Tivly is known for friendly and fast customer service.


Getting the right business insurance for your small business is essential. Simply Business and Tivly both offer excellent quoting services for a wide range of small business insurance policies.

Here are the main differences between Tivly and Simply Business:

  • Tivly requires you to receive a phone call
  • Simply Business can provide some quotes through email

To be sure you are receiving the most competitive rates and coverage, consider using both Simply Business and Tivly to obtain free quotes. Business insurance saves small businesses thousands of dollars in legal fees and financial losses, an amount that can often determine whether a small business sinks or swims.


Other Business Insurance Options

NEXT Insurance:

  • Get a quote in less than 5 minutes
  • Use live certificate and mobile app for instant proof of insurance
  • Multi-policy discounts
  • Trusted by over 300,000 businesses

The Hartford:

  • Rated #1 Digital Small Business Insurance Company of 2022 by Keynova
  • Great for companies of all sizes
  • Provides immediate assistance through call requests and digital chats

Cover Wallet:

  • Lets you manage your insurance policies in a smart digital wallet
  • Free business quotes with no commitment
  • Provides expert advisors to guide you through the process

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