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Key Takeaways

  1. Commercial Auto Insurance is type of insurance that covers vehicles used in business operations.
  2. It's essential for businesses using vehicles for operations like transport, client meetings, or equipment carriage.
  3. Costs depend on the business type, vehicle usage, location, and driving history, among others.
  4. Several factors determine insurance costs including the industry type, operational location, vehicle specifics, driving history, and the extent of coverage chosen.
Cheapest Commercial Auto Insurance

As a responsible business owner, you have a range of options to guard your company's finances, from general liability insurance to product liability coverage. Commercial auto insurance is another type of protection that can shield your business against costly claims.

When it comes to commercial auto insurance, the cost can fluctuate based on various factors, including the specific coverage requirements, your driving history, and the geographical area where your business operates. It is crucial to keep your budget in mind when searching for the right insurance coverage to meet your needs.

The cheapest commercial auto insurance is that which provides sufficient coverage for your business at an affordable rate. You can discover the best companies offering commercial auto insurance by reading this article.


7 Commercial Auto Insurance Companies at A Glance

  • Farmers Insurance: Suitable for small businesses
  • Nationwide: Recognized as one of the most reputable insurance providers
  • Progressive: A leading company in the auto insurance industry
  • Simply Business: Ideal for comparing online quotes
  • Smart Financial: Known for its agents' expertise
  • The Hartford: Suitable for midsize to large companies
  • Travelers Insurance: Recommended for oil and gas companies

Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance has been offering quality insurance products at affordable prices since 1928. Over the years, it has established itself as a major player in the home and auto insurance industries. The company also offers a range of insurance options for small businesses.

As fellow small business owners, Farmers agents understand the challenges involved in commercial driving. Whether you're a contractor with a top-of-the-line pickup truck or a food truck operator meeting growing demand, having proper commercial auto insurance is essential to safeguard your investments and assets. At Farmers Insurance, we provide a range of coverage options designed to mitigate risks and optimize your business operations.


With over 90 years of experience, Nationwide has evolved from a small mutual auto insurer owned by policyholders to become one of the largest insurance and financial services companies worldwide. The company provides an extensive range of business insurance options that cater to various industries, such as construction, retail, and agriculture, offering both standard policies and specialized coverage. Business owners can purchase commercial auto insurance, commercial property insurance, and other types of insurance from this trusted source.

Nationwide also offers its customers its Vantage 360 Fleet service and a 10% discount on business auto policies. While the discount is nice, the Vantage 360 Fleet Service provides an easy way to manage fleet vehicles and monitor drivers' routes and driving activity. This not only promotes safe driving, but could also reduce premiums.


Starting in 1937, Progressive has steadily obtained a sizable foothold in the insurance market. From memorable advertising to comprehensive coverage, Progressive has become a leading company in the commercial auto arena.

Progressive currently insures over 1.9 million commercial vehicles and provides customized coverage to match a business's specific requirements. The company offers Snapshot ProView, to its commercial customers, providing an automatic 5% savings upon enrollment. Those with a proven safety record can save between 8% and 20%. Businesses operating three or more vehicles can leverage free fleet management tools to gain additional insights.

Simply Business

Simply Business is an online commercial insurance brokerage. The company offers customized coverage solutions that cater to the specific needs of businesses, whether they require insurance for landscaping or e-commerce businesses.

Customers have the option to receive quotes from various insurance providers through a single website. They can either fill out an online form or contact the company directly to initiate the process. By submitting an online form or making a phone call, customers can access multiple quotes and compare coverage options quickly and efficiently. This approach saves customers time and effort compared to reaching out to individual insurance companies separately.

Smart Financial

Smart Financial has been serving the insurance needs of customers in all 50 states since 2012. The national broker offers a variety of insurance options, including auto, home, and life insurance, to name a few. Smart Financial has built a reputation for providing expert guidance to its clients, helping them find the right insurance policies that fit their unique needs and budget.

The company is trusted by many customers to match them with an agent who possesses expertise in their business's specific requirements. The agents work closely with customers to understand their business operations and identify potential risks that may require coverage. This approach enables customers to find the best coverage options at affordable rates. By connecting customers with knowledgeable agents, the company aims to simplify the insurance shopping experience and ensure that customers make better decisions about their insurance needs.

The Hartford

With over two centuries of experience in the insurance industry, The Hartford provides a comprehensive range of insurance products to businesses of all sizes. The company distinguishes itself from other insurance providers with its exceptional customer service and financial strength. The Hartford’s team of highly experienced professionals is committed to delivering outstanding support and assistance to policyholders. The company's financial strength is evident in its ability to pay claims promptly and its high credit rating.

The Hartford’s commercial auto insurance policies provide extra protection for businesses at no additional cost. This includes coverage for electronic devices, gap coverage for leased and loaned vehicles, and an additional 10% actual cost value (up to $2,500) for total loss vehicles that are replaced with a hybrid, electric, or natural gas vehicle.


Travelers Insurance has been operating for over 165 years. They are renowned for their expertise in personal, business, and specialty insurance. The company understands that every industry faces risks, which is why they offer a wide range of business insurance options.

Travelers Insurance is a provider of commercial auto and trucking insurance solutions, specializing in serving the oil and gas industries for over 20 years. The company has a team of underwriting and claim professionals who solely focus on the oil and gas industry, some of whom have previous experience in the field. They possess extensive knowledge of the intricate challenges and risks that could endanger employees' safety and the success of a business operation.


What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is a vital form of insurance that offers protection for vehicles utilized in business operations. In the unfortunate event of an accident caused by your company's vehicle, resulting in damage to someone else's property or injury, the affected party may seek compensation by filing a claim or initiating legal proceedings against both the driver and/or the company. Commercial auto insurance policies can cover these damages up to the policy limit, including associated legal expenses.

Unlike personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance typically provides additional coverage, such as liability for cargo or goods in transit. It also extends coverage to the driver and the vehicle in case of theft or damage caused by natural disasters.

It's important to note that commercial auto insurance isn't exclusively meant for businesses with a large fleet of vehicles. Any business that employs vehicles for business-related purposes, such as transporting goods or employees, should seriously consider obtaining commercial auto insurance. This insurance safeguards a company's assets in the event of an unfortunate accident.

Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for vehicles that are used for business purposes, regardless of whether they are owned by the company or not. It is an essential insurance product for small business owners who use their vehicles to travel to job sites, meet clients, transport goods, carry equipment, or have employees who drive company-owned vehicles.


The Average Cost Of Commercial Auto Insurance

Determining the average cost of commercial auto insurance can be a challenging task. Unlike personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance policies can vary widely in terms of coverage, limits, and deductibles.

Another factor that can make it difficult to determine the average cost of commercial auto insurance is that there is no one-size-fits-all policy. Each business is unique. Each one has its own set of risks and insurance needs. For example, a company that operates a fleet of delivery trucks may have different insurance needs than a small business that operates a single car for occasional business use.

Additionally, commercial auto insurance providers may offer a wide range of discounts and incentives such as safe driver discounts or discounts for bundling multiple policies together. These discounts can vary from provider to provider and may be based on the aforementioned factors and more.

The best way to determine the average cost of commercial auto insurance is to get quotes from multiple insurance providers and compare them based on the coverage, limits, and deductibles offered. You should work with an experienced insurance agent who can help identify the unique risks and insurance needs of your business.

Factors affecting the cost of commercial auto insurance

Your industry

When it comes to commercial auto insurance, the cost and risk factors can vary depending on the specific industry or profession of the policyholder. Insurers will assess these risks by considering industry standards, such as the safety record of similar businesses, as well as their internal criteria. For example, a transportation company with a fleet of trucks will have different risk factors than a business that uses a few company cars for client meetings.

Your location

The location where you operate your commercial vehicles is a key factor in determining the cost of your commercial auto insurance. Generally, premiums are lower for businesses operating in rural areas compared to urban areas due to the lower risk of accidents and thefts. Additionally, the frequency of claims filed in your geographic area can affect your insurance costs. If there is a high incidence of accidents or thefts in the area where your vehicles operate, your premiums may be higher to reflect the increased risk. Conversely, if your area has a low number of claims filed, your premiums may be lower.

Your vehicle

Several aspects related to your commercial vehicle, such as its age, size, and intended use, can influence the cost of your commercial auto insurance. For example, if you use an older vehicle, your premium might be lower compared to using a new car, depending on how you utilize it. A larger vehicle, such as a truck or trailer, may require more coverage and lead to a higher premium. The purpose of your vehicle can also affect your premium. If you're using the car for business purposes that involve carrying expensive equipment or materials, your premium may be higher. On the other hand, if your vehicle is used for non-business-related purposes or commuting to work, your premium may be lower.

Your driving history

Insurance companies consider your driving history when determining your commercial auto insurance premiums. If you have a history of accidents or traffic violations, you will likely pay a higher premium. Maintaining a clean driving record can help you qualify for lower premiums.

Your coverage requirements

The amount of coverage you select will impact your commercial auto insurance cost. The higher the coverage limits you choose, the higher your premium will typically be. If you opt for liability coverage beyond the state-mandated minimums, you will have to pay a higher premium. The type of coverage you select will also affect the cost. If you choose to add collision and comprehensive coverage, which protects your vehicle in case of damage or theft, you will also pay a higher premium.


Get the Cheapest Commercial Auto Insurance Now

Protect your business from potential devastation and embrace a future without worries. Act now to acquire commercial auto insurance and shield your business from costly claims. With this essential coverage, you can safeguard your valuable assets and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is protected. Don't let unforeseen accidents or damages hinder your operations—be proactive and secure commercial auto insurance today for a secure and prosperous tomorrow. Mitigate risks, ensure your business thrives, and enjoy the tranquility you deserve by protecting your business against potential risks.

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