Hiscox Vs The Hartford Insurance


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- Updated February 23, 2024

Hiscox Vs The Hartford Insurance

When it comes to choosing the right insurance for your business, there are quite a few factors to consider. Two of the leading business insurance providers in the market, Hiscox and The Hartford, offer comprehensive coverage options and unique features tailored to specific industries. In this article, we will delve into the details and compare the two providers, to help you make an informed decision.

Hiscox: A Brief Overview

Hiscox, established in 1901, specializes in small business insurance and serves a wide variety of industries, ranging from professional services to technology and creative arts. Operating in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the company offers general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, workers' compensation, business owner's policy, and short-term event insurance.

Notable Features of Hiscox

  1. Tailored Coverage: Hiscox customizes coverage to meet the specific needs of various industries, taking into account the unique risks associated with each sector.

  2. Flexible Payment Options: Businesses can choose a payment plan that suits their budget, including monthly or annual billing options.

  3. 24/7 Claims Support: Hiscox offers around-the-clock claims assistance, ensuring timely support in the event of an incident.

  4. Fast and Simple Online Quotes: The company's online platform allows prospective customers to obtain quotes and manage their policies with ease.

The Hartford: A Brief Overview

Founded in 1810 The Hartford, a Fortune 500 company, offers a diverse range of insurance products for both small and large businesses. With more than 200 years of experience, The Hartford serves a wide variety of industries and offers general liability insurance, property insurance, commercial auto insurance, professional liability insurance, workers' compensation, and a customizable business owner's policy.

Notable Features of The Hartford

  1. Specialized Programs: The Hartford offers tailored programs for specific industries, such as technology, life sciences, and energy, providing enhanced coverage for the unique risks faced by these sectors.

  2. Risk Engineering Services: The company offers comprehensive risk engineering services, helping businesses identify and mitigate potential hazards to reduce insurance costs.

  3. Claims Support & Resources: The Hartford boasts a vast library of resources to help business owners understand and manage their risks better. They also provide streamlined claims handling and proactive claims management.

  4. Green Building Coverage: Eco-friendly businesses can benefit from the company's Broad Form Property Extension endorsement, promoting green building practices and providing coverage for environmentally friendly materials and technologies.


The Comparison: Hiscox vs The Hartford

While both Hiscox and The Hartford offer comprehensive business insurance solutions, their target audiences and coverage options differ.

  1. Specialization: Hiscox is specifically focused on serving small businesses and professionals, whereas The Hartford caters to both small and large businesses across various industries.

  2. Tailored Programs: While both companies provide tailored insurance programs for specific industries, Hiscox offers more specialized coverage for creative industries, whereas The Hartford has a broader focus with specialized programs in technology, life sciences, and energy, among others.

  3. Risk Management Services: The Hartford offers more robust risk engineering services, aimed at helping businesses reduce risks and better manage their insurance costs, while Hiscox primarily focuses on claim support.

  4. Sustainability: The Hartford has a significant emphasis on promoting green building practices in its property insurance policies and providing coverage for eco-friendly materials and technologies.


Hiscox and The Hartford are both national insurance companies in the United States, which means they offer coverage in multiple regions across the country. However, there may be some differences in their regional availability and the types of coverage they offer in certain areas.

Hiscox offers business insurance coverage in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Their coverage options include general liability, professional liability, cyber liability, commercial property, and business owners' policies (BOPs). Hiscox also has a strong presence in Europe and other parts of the world. This may make them a better choice for businesses that have international operations or expansion plans.

The Hartford also provides coverage in all 50 states and offers similar types of business insurance, including general liability, professional liability, cyber liability, commercial property, and BOPs. In addition, The Hartford also offers specialized coverage options for certain industries, such as construction, healthcare, and technology.


Pricing and Rates

In terms of pricing, Hiscox customizes its rates to suit the specific needs of small businesses, factoring in elements like location, number of employees, and industry type.

Their premiums start at around $22.50 per month for general liability insurance, with professional liability insurance and business owners' policies beginning at $270 and $500 per year, respectively. However, exact prices will vary depending on your unique circumstances and the nature of your business.

The Hartford's policies are also tailored to the unique requirements of individual businesses. While the company does not publish specific pricing information on their website, it is widely reported that they offer competitive rates, often lower than other insurance providers. Just like Hiscox, The Hartford factors in variables like industry, location, and employee count to determine pricing. As a general observation, larger businesses may find The Hartford's rates more appealing compared to Hiscox.

Customer Service

Hiscox boasts a reputation for high-quality support and commitment to clients' satisfaction. They provide quick and easy online quote generation, allowing prospective customers to gauge potential costs without obligation. Hiscox also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if clients are unsatisfied with a purchased policy. Their customer service team is available through phone, email, and online chat, ensuring a seamless and attentive experience for their clients.

The Hartford maintains a strong focus on providing exceptional support to its clients. They offer services such as risk engineering to help mitigate potential losses, as well as a responsive claims team capable of fast and efficient claim processing. Keeping pace with the digital age, they provide easy online access to quotes, policy management, and claims reporting. The Hartford prides itself on its outstanding claims satisfaction ratings, reflecting a high level of expertise and consistent client support.

Known for their exceptional customer service, The Hartford is consistently ranked among the top insurance providers in various customer satisfaction surveys. In J.D. Power's 2021 US Small Commercial Insurance Study, The Hartford ranked higher than the industry average, receiving 838/1000 points. The high rating showcases The Hartford's dedication to prioritizing the needs of the customers.


Both Hiscox and The Hartford are highly rated insurance companies, but their ratings can vary depending on the rating agency and the specific type of coverage being offered.

Hiscox has an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, which is a leading insurance rating agency that evaluates the financial strength and stability of insurance companies. Hiscox also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is a consumer advocacy organization that rates companies based on their customer service and complaint resolution.

The Hartford also has an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best and an A+ rating from the BBB. In addition, The Hartford was named the #1 Small Business Insurer by Entrepreneur magazine in 2020.

Security and Stability

Hiscox has a long-standing track record of financial stability. As an international insurance company, Hiscox specializes in niche areas of the market and provides coverage for over 300,000 small businesses. Standard & Poor's rates Hiscox with an 'A' (strong) rating – an indicator of excellent financial security and ability to meet its insurance obligations.

The Hartford is one of the oldest insurance companies in the US, with a demonstrated history of financial strength. Serving millions of policyholders, The Hartford boasts both an 'A' (strong) rating from Standard & Poor's and an 'A1' rating from Moody's – a testament to the company's financial stability and capability to fulfill its insurance commitments.

Mobile Apps

Both Hiscox and The Hartford offer mobile apps for their customers.

Hiscox has a mobile app called Hiscox NOW, which is designed to provide small business owners with easy access to their insurance policies, documents, and claims. The app allows users to view policy details, access proof of insurance, report claims, and contact Hiscox customer service.

The Hiscox NOW app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

The Hartford also offers a mobile app called the Hartford Mobile App, which is available for both personal and business insurance customers. The app allows users to access their insurance policy information, pay bills, view claims, and contact The Hartford customer service. The Hartford Mobile App is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Both mobile apps offer a convenient way for customers to manage their insurance policies and access important information on the go. However, it's important to note that the specific features and functionality of each app may vary depending on the type of coverage and policy you have with the insurer.

Payment Methods

Hiscox and The Hartford offer a range of payment options to their customers, including:

  1. Credit/debit card: Both insurers allow customers to pay their premiums using a credit or debit card. This is a convenient option for many customers, as it allows them to make payments online or over the phone.
  2. E-check: Both Hiscox and The Hartford also offer the option to pay using an electronic check (e-check). This option allows customers to input their bank account and routing number to initiate a one-time or recurring payment.
  3. Automatic payments: Some customers may prefer to set up automatic payments, which deduct the premium from their bank account or credit/debit card on a regular basis. Both insurers offer this option for customers who prefer to have their payments automatically deducted.
  4. Paper check: For customers who prefer to pay by mail, both insurers accept paper checks. Customers can mail in their payment along with their policy information or payment coupon.

Reasons to Choose Hiscox

Hiscox offers coverage for a variety of business-related risks, such as professional liability and cyber attacks. The Hartford provides liability protection for businesses as well, but their specialty is property and casualty insurance. Depending on the type of business, one might choose Hiscox over The Hartford if they need more specialized coverage. For example, if a business needs more comprehensive protection against cyber threats then they would likely benefit from the coverage offered by Hiscox.

Reasons to Choose The Hartford

Someone may prefer The Hartford if their primary concern is property and casualty insurance. This type of insurance protects businesses from losses caused by accidents, theft, or natural disasters like storms and floods. The Hartford has been providing this type of coverage to businesses for over 200 years and their products are tailored to meet specific needs. So if a business is looking for reliable property and casualty coverage then The Hartford may be the right choice.

The Bottom Line

Both Hiscox and The Hartford offer comprehensive business insurance solutions tailored to specific industries. While Hiscox is a suitable choice for small businesses, particularly in the creative industries, The Hartford is an excellent option for small to large businesses in various sectors. It is essential to review your unique business requirements, obtain quotes from both providers, and compare their coverage options before making a final decision.

Compare Other Business Insurance Options:


Prioritize tailored coverage and a scalable approach:

Avoid "one-size-fits-all" policies, and opt for a comprehensive and tailored approach that protects your business's unique risk profile. As your business grows, your insurance needs may evolve, necessitating a flexible and scalable policy that can be updated accordingly.

Ensure that your insurer offers options for policy adjustments, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate new coverages or increase existing limits as you expand, recruit additional personnel, or invest in more significant assets.

Compare a wide range of insurers and policies:

Different providers can offer a diverse array of coverage options, terms, and rates. Therefore, it is crucial to compare various insurance policies before making a decision. Seek out multiple quotes from various insurers and thoroughly scrutinize the fine print of each policy for any exclusions, limitations, or additional riders that may impact your coverage.

Conduct a thorough risk assessment:

Before selecting business insurance, it is crucial to carefully analyze potential exposures and hazards that your business may encounter. By conducting a comprehensive risk assessment, you can better identify the specific types of coverage your business needs. This process generally entails considering the probability of events such as equipment failure, natural disasters, accidents, or third-party claims, as well as their potential financial impact on your organization.

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