Tivly (formerly CommercialInsurance.net) is a free business insurance marketplace that connects small business owners with the right insurance carrier. Read on to learn about their services.

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Tivly 2024 Review

Kimberlee Leonard

Insurance and Financial Services Professional

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What is Tivly Insurance?

Tivly (previously known as CommercialInsurance.net) is a popular business insurance marketplace that helps small business owners find the right insurance carrier to place their business with. Because they do an intake and customer profile, the introduction to the carrier is warm, where you are already pre-qualified.

Key Features of Tivly's Insurance Marketplace

If you are considering working with Tivly, you should be aware of its key features. Here are some of the high points:

  • Flexible targeting: Because Tivly works with such great partners, it is able to be flexible with how it connects a new business owner with a specific carrier.
  • Warm transfer call process: Before you are paired with an insurance carrier, your company profile is obtained, so the representative knows the best partner to refer you to.
  • Knowledge base: Tivly has an extensive knowledge base for small business owners to learn more about how business insurance works specifically for their industry.

Policy Exclusions

Every insurance policy has its own set of exclusions. For example, general liability insurance won’t cover injuries to employees. You need workers’ compensation insurance for that, which would exclude injuries to third parties hurt on-premises. Because Tivly is a marketplace, the insurance carrier would outline the specific exclusions of each policy. Check the policy for details about what is covered and what exclusions exist.

On-Demand Policy Modifications

Just as policy exclusions are subject to each carrier’s policy terms, so are on-demand modifications such as riders. When completing your profile, ask the representative about what riders you may be interested in so that they can pair you best with the right carrier that offers them.

Filing a Claim

Small business owners will file a claim directly with the carrier and not Tivly. Going directly to the carrier simplifies the process and expedites it so that you get the attention needed quickly and efficiently. Most carriers have a claims phone number or a way to file online.

Get Instant Coverage

The process of getting coverage is quick with Tivly. It takes about five minutes to complete the insurance profile and be transferred to a partner insurance carrier. From there, small business owners can buy insurance immediately. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

How to get a business insurance policy through Tivly

Small business owners can get an insurance policy from the Tivly online marketplace by completing the online or phone intake form. This process takes about five minutes. Once completed, Tivly will introduce you to the insurance carrier representative they found to meet your needs. Since the carrier underwrites policies, they’ll take over the quote process from there, which takes just a few more minutes.

Eligible Businesses

Because Tivly is a marketplace, there isn’t a type of policy that they can’t write. They work with all sorts of businesses in various industries and place tough-to-insure companies with one of their 200 partners based on their ability to underwrite the business.

Insurance Discounts

Insurance discounts would be specific to the carrier, which is why Tivly doesn’t advertise any discounts. Small business owners should ask the representative what discounts they are eligible for. Discounts might include having multiple policies with the carrier or maintaining a security system for the workplace.

Insurance Cancellation

If you need to cancel your business insurance for any reason, call the carrier that you have the policy with. Remember that policies are not underwritten or serviced by Tivly, so you must contact the carrier. Carriers allow you to cancel anytime and will refund you any unearned premium.

Tivly business insurance products

CommericalIInsurance.net is able to place just about any small business owner’s policy with a top-rated carrier. Here are some of the most common policies they help customers with.

Business owner's policy

Small business owners like a business owner’s policy (BOP) because it combines a general liability insurance policy with a commercial property policy. This covers the business for many types of claims, including third-party losses as well as first-party losses due to fire or theft.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance is a type of policy that covers third-party losses of property damage or injury. These are often referred to as slip-and-fall policies because they pay the damages if someone slips on the property and gets hurt. Landlords may require this policy to protect the “property rented” by the small business.

Commercial property insurance

A commercial property insurance policy protects a business’ contents. Contents include things like furniture and equipment, tools, supplies, and inventory. A commercial property insurance policy will pay to replace items damaged or lost due to losses such as fire or theft.

Business income insurance

This type of policy protects a business’s revenues. When a company is closed during a valid claim, the lost revenues can be paid to the business with a business income insurance policy. This coverage is designed to prevent a company from going under due to a claim so that it can continue to pay its overhead and expenses.

Workers' compensation insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance pays when an employee is injured while working. It covers the medical expenses, rehabilitation, and lost wages for the employee while they are hurt and recovering. Workers’ compensation is required in most states once a business has at least one employee.

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance is also known as errors and omissions insurance. It pays claims that allege you didn’t do your job according to professional standards. Malpractice insurance is a common type of professional liability insurance. Part of what the policy pays is the legal defense that may be required to defend you from fallacious claims.

Tools and equipment insurance

Tools and equipment policies are also known as inland marine policies. These policies pay to protect the business owner if there is a loss of tools and equipment while transporting them to and from job sites. Commercial property insurance does not cover these items while in transit, so many businesses also need this type of coverage to protect themself from losses.

Commercial Auto Insurance

A commercial auto insurance policy is an auto insurance policy explicitly underwritten for vehicles used by the business. It pays for damages to other vehicles or injuries to persons that the vehicle has hit. If the business owner elects to have comprehensive and collision coverage, they will also get their vehicle fixed after an at-fault accident or loss such as theft.

Pros of Tivly Business Insurance

  • Marketplace of carriers: Tivly has more than 200 partners that are shopped for you when you request a quote. You’ll get the best policy for the best price.
  • Simple quote process: You’ll fill out a simple form and then get connected with a knowledgeable representative who will walk you through the quote process.
  • Great rates: By shopping among top carriers, Tivly is able to procure the best possible rates on the most common policies.

Cons of Tivly Business Insurance

  • Not a carrier: Tivly does not underwrite or service any of the policies you are sold. You’ll need to work directly with the insurance carrier to get service or file a claim.
  • Not completely online: While the process is fast and easy, it is not done completely online. This can be frustrating for those who prefer to do things without speaking with a person.

Best Alternatives to Tivly Business Insurance

Looking to compare quotes with competitors? Here are some of Tivly’s competitors.


Hiscox is a leader in small business insurance. They focus on the small business contractor, making policies affordable and accessible. The company has more than 100 years of small business insurance experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge to help small business owners mitigate common risks.



Thimble is a small business insurance carrier specializing in micro policies for gig workers. Not only can you get a traditional 12-month policy with the company, but you can also get insurance on demand for as short of a period as an hour to meet the needs of your clients or vendors.



CoverWallet is a small business insurance broker with top-rated partners that include Chubbs, CNA, Employers, and Berkshire Hathaway. CoverWallet is known for its online platform that makes managing insurance policies and getting certificates of insurance easy.

Next Insurance


Next Insurance is a small business insurance carrier that focuses policies on the micro-sized business. They work with many independent contractors to provide reasonably-priced policies that cover the essentials needed by the business.



Insurance321 is a small business insurance marketplace. It pairs a small business owner with the right partner. They have more than 200 top-rated partners to choose from, making their ability to provide insurance for just about any business easy and accessible.

What Sets Tivly Insurance Apart?

What sets Tivly apart from the competition is its level of partners. It has more than 200 partner carriers, many with the top ratings from AM Best, meaning they are financially solvent and considered the best of the best. When you work with Tivly, you get the professional expertise of their representatives to appropriately pair you with the right insurance carrier.

Cost of Tivly Business Insurance

The cost of business insurance varies from policy to policy and carrier to carrier. Factors that affect your premium rates include location, industry, claims history, and annual revenues.

Tivly vs. Competitors

Tivly CoverWallet Thimble Hiscox Next Insurance321
Marketplace Yes Yes No No No Yes
Quote in 10 minutes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Services policies No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Per gig policies No No Yes No No No

Who Shouldn't Use Tivly?

Because Tivly is a marketplace that can place just about any policy with a great carrier, there aren’t many businesses that couldn’t benefit from using the service. If a small business owner is looking for a specific insurance carrier, he might prefer to go directly to that carrier; however, since there is no charge for using CommercialIinsurance.net, it still benefits them to see what the marketplace yields in terms of best partners.

My Experience Researching Tivly


You start the form by entering your zip code.


Then you provide your telephone number to be connected with a live person who will do an intake questionnaire.

Summary / Should you purchase Tivly business insurance?

Tivly provides business owners with a valuable service of navigating and shopping insurance carriers for you. With just a five-minute questionnaire, small business owners are paired with the best carrier for their needs. This saves business owners time and money by letting someone else do the shopping without having to pay an added fee.


When looking at small business insurance carriers, we want to know that our customers are working with the best. This is why we search for carriers that have high AM Best ratings or marketplaces that work with carriers that have those ratings. We review the key features of the provider and look at how costs are derived. The quote process is essential to a good customer experience, which is why we go through the process to test the efficiency of the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What rating does CommercialInsurance.net have?

CommercialInsurance.net is not a carrier and doesn’t have a rating though it works with many A-rated companies.

Who is CommercialInsurance.net owned by?

Mark McClure and Chad Jaquays own CommercialInsurance.net.

Is CommercialInsurance.net a legit company?

CommercialInsurance.net is a legitimate company that provides a service of pairing businesses with insurance carriers.

What is professional liability insurance coverage?

Professional liability insurance coverage is a type of business insurance policy that pays damages where the business didn’t provide professional services.

Is CommercialInsurance.net a MGA?

CommercialInsurance.net is not a managing general agent.

Does CommercialInsurance.net have an App?

CommercialInsurance.net does not have an app for small business owners to use.

What are the four types of business insurance

Four types of business insurance are general liability, commercial property, professional liability, and worker’s compensation.

What type of insurance is sold to small business owners that must meet overhead expenses?

Business income insurance is sold to small business owners to help meet their overhead expenses during a claim.

Do I need business insurance for a sole proprietorship?

Even a sole proprietorship needs insurance because risk doesn’t discriminate against larger businesses. A sole proprietor may still have losses such as slip-and-fall accidents, fires, or theft.

Why is it important to review claims before submission?

A small business owner wants to review claims to make sure all the relevant data is in the claim so that it is processed correctly and quickly.

What is error and omissions insurance?

Errors and omissions insurance is a professional liability insurance policy that protects business owners from claims alleging they didn’t perform job duties professionally.

Why is it important to review your insurance?

As your business grows, you want to make sure that your insurance still reflects the risk you have. You may have more equipment to protect or more revenues making you a target for a lawsuit.

Why is it important to do an insurance policy review?

Insurance policy reviews make sure that the coverage matches your business needs. It’s good to review the policy types and the coverages in each policy to make sure they are appropriate for your business.

What is product liability insurance?

Product liability insurance is a policy that pays if a product you made or sold leads to injury or property damage.

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