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Progressive Commercial 2024 Review

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Progressive Insurance: Pros and cons

Pros of Progressive Business Insurance

  • Progressive business insurance provides discounted rates for business owner package policies—known as BOPs—such as general liability and property as well as commercial auto policies for business-owned vehicles.
  • General Liability Insurance from Progressive will typically include coverage for property damage. Other insurance companies may require additional coverage for property.
  • Provides specialized customer service advice and consultations from in-house, licensed, and appointed agents. Customers can expect personalized advice tailored to their business needs.
  • Progressive can provide you with an immediate Certificate of Insurance for Liability, proving your business does have the insurance coverage it needs to operate effectively.

Cons of Progressive Business Insurance

  • Insurance premiums may be higher if the nature of the business has high exposure to risk, high-coverage requirements, or if the business has a previous record of insurance claims.
  • General Liability Business Insurance does not cover "first party" theft, but will cover theft of most "third parties" or those that are making a claim against you.
  • General Liability Business Insurance only covers bodily injury and/or property damage, but does not cover professional errors and omissions, negligence, accidents, or mistakes.

What is Progressive Insurance?

Progressive Insurance is a popular personal auto insurance carrier that also offers insurance products in other categories, including for businesses and professionals.

Chartered in 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green in Cleveland, Ohio, Progressive Insurance was established with the purpose of helping provide coverage for liabilities that "anyone could afford."

By 1956, Progressive specialized as a nonstandard insurance underwriter, covering automobile owners for other unusual auto accident coverage and liability.

Over the years, Progressive Insurance has continued to provide exceptional service to its customer base by offering affordable rates, immediate response times, and prioritized claims assistance,

Key Features of Progressive Insurance

Progressive has several lines of commercial business insurance options, including standard policies including General Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation.

Progressive Insurance also provides specialized coverage programs such as Contractors’ Liability, Professional Liability, Cyber Insurance, and conveniently packaged Business Owners’ Policies.

The carrier also offers a premium service known as "Progressive Advantage Business Program," where customers can consult with a team of in-house agents to enroll in a comprehensive policy that meets their business needs.

Customers of Progressive Insurance can expect fast and precise quotes for business and commercial auto insurance inquiries, including special discounts, and tailor-made customer service and experiences.

Progressive Insurance maintains an A+ Superior A.M. Best Rating, as well as AA from Standard and Poor’s.

Policy Exclusions

Certain policies underwritten by Progressive will have coverage limits that customers should review when shopping for a policy. Each business insurance plan will have specified limitations on coverage as well as options for additional coverage.


For example: Like many auto carriers, Progressive divides its Car Insurance Limits as specified in the "Liability Coverage" section of their auto policy documents. This section will list three different categories of coverage amounts, and each provides a limitation to what the policy will cover bodily injury per person, bodily injuries per accident, and property damages per accident.

It is strongly advised that customers review their policy limitations carefully to understand what they are covered for, and what they may need to plan for if the policy is not sufficient to meet anticipated coverage needs.

On-Demand Policy Modifications

Progressive customers can layer policies to create a comprehensive plan for business insurance coverage. Insurance policies like the Business Owner's Policy (BOP) will combine typical insurance needs into one package, and generally include property and general liability coverage.

If a customer needs a policy modification after reviewing their existing policy limitations and circumstances, Progressive has a great customer support service that will help provide more information on immediate policy modifications.

Filing a Claim

Filing a Claim with Progressive Insurance is as easy as going to the website and clicking on the claims button on the navigation bar. The Progressive website has a "Log In to Policy" button, where customers can view all the details related to their business insurance products, and all other available services.

Progressive Insurance Customers can also call the claims hotline at 1-800-776-4737 to initiate a claim. Alternatively, if you do not have an account on the website, you can also view a claim separately by providing your claim number, zip code, date of birth, and email address.


Get Instant Coverage

To obtain instant business insurance coverage, it is best to call Progressive directly at 1-888-806-9598, Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm, Central Time. This option will get you directly to a customer service representative that can answer your questions, and provide you with an instant quote.

Alternatively, customers can simply explore the commercial products that Progressive provides on their website. However, this process might take somewhat longer because it requires that customers enter specific business details and information. Further, it is likely that Progressive may still require a customer to call in, or redirect them to another partner program.


How to get a Progressive business insurance policy

To obtain a business insurance policy, call Progressive at 1-888-806-9598, to get a hold of a licensed agent that can help discern the right coverage for your needs. Customers can also visit the Progressive website to find and pick the right insurance product.

Visit the business insurance page on the Progressive website and pick a commercial product of your choice—such as a Business Owner's Policy (BOP)— enter your zip code, confirm your selection, describe the nature of your business, (we selected "website development"), and then enter your business information details.


After those details are entered, depending on the nature of your business, you might be greeted with a form that has pre-selected answers based on industry specifics.


Here is a second form containing more specific questions related to the operation of the business, its needs, risks, and structure.


To obtain a quote for business insurance, a customer will need to fill out approximately three forms worth of information that describes the details of the business, its physical place of operation, history of insurance claims and enrollments, square footage details, roofing questions, and more.

The forms that have questions are interactive and will provide additional inquiries depending on the answers provided by the customer. This process creates a well-defined picture of the customers' insurance needs profile.

Customers will get a quote directly from Progressive, but if the nature of the business is outside of Progressive's scope, they may be redirected to a partner website to continue the quote process.

Cost of Progressive Business Insurance

The cost of business insurance can vary significantly, and the price can increase depending on various factors such as risk, coverage amount, and specific policy requirements.

The average cost for a small business owners’ policy with Progressive Insurance can range from anywhere between $68 dollars up to $150 per month and above. For a list of various factors that can affect a business insurance policy, check out what factors determine the cost of business insurance in this video.

Eligible Businesses

Eligible businesses include operations of all kinds, including but not limited to Medical Professionals, Legal Professionals, Contractors, Sole Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Freelancers, Shop Owners, Restaurateurs, and so on. There are coverage options available for many of these types of businesses, suitable for their specific coverage requirements.

Businesses that have commercial vehicles can also expect to be covered in a business policy that has elected the commercial auto insurance policy add on and rider.

Insurance Discounts

There are a number of programs available to Progressive Insurance holders—especially for auto policy holders. Commercial customers can even apply to join Progressive's network of repair shops for bundled discounts on a variety of products and services.

Insurance Cancellation

Canceling your insurance coverage can be done with no obligation, regardless of circumstance, and at any time. For car insurance cancellations, current customers do not have to wait until the end of the policy period to cancel their coverage. If you've just enrolled in a car insurance policy, you can also cancel it thereafter—even after a few days.

Typically, insurance cancellation is done over the phone, or on the insurer's website portal. The process usually requires confirmation in writing. Insurance coverage cancellations may be subject to an early cancellation fee. Check the fine print in your policy to understand all the applicable terms and conditions.


Progressive business insurance products

Progressive Business Insurance carries a broad selection of insurance products to choose from. From basic options such as a business owners’ policy—that includes a combination of general liability and property insurance—to specialized insurance products like professional liability and errors and omissions insurance.

Below, we review all of the business insurance products that Progressive insurance has in their suite of insurance offerings.

Business Owner's Policy

As mentioned above, Progressive's BOP is set up so that customers can combine a bundle of insurance products into one package. Most small businesses will elect this policy as their standard insurance coverage plan, as BOP's do provide liability protection for a number of circumstances.

Small businesses such as restaurants, landscaping companies, retail stores, independent contractors, and so on will benefit greatly from a BOP, as most businesses have exposure to financial risk from both liability and damage claims from the goods and services they offer to the public.

General Liability insurance

General Liability Insurance is a simple policy that covers bodily injury claims and third-party property damage claims, personal injuries, and other extant areas of liability.

Many business policyholders find a General Liability Insurance policy adequate for their simple business operations. This kind of insurance coverage is good protection for those that do not own or operate out of commercial buildings, don't manage payrolls for their staff, or have any other exposure to risk or liability.

Progressive customers should carefully read the terms and conditions of their General Liability Insurance policy to get a clearer picture and better understanding of what the policy does and does not cover.

Commercial Property Insurance

Another available coverage from Progressive is Commercial Property Insurance. This type of coverage is typically included or as an endorsement to a traditional BOP plan. It helps protect the commercial property that a business owns or operates from, as well as the instruments, devices, and equipment that the business may have on-site.

Business Income Insurance

For Business Income Insurance, Progressive advises that future customers speak directly to a licensed Progressive insurance agent to learn more about this type of coverage. The Progressive Advantage Business Program has specialized agents that can answer insurance questions and discuss policy details at length.

Business income insurance is designed to help businesses keep afloat in the event that the company is unable to pay its employees, overhead, and other expenses due to an unforeseen event.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' Compensation policies are readily available for employers looking to secure required coverage for injuries suffered by their personnel. Workers' comp typically covers any bodily injury, compensation, and medical bills that a staff member may have incurred during working hours.

In many cases, workers' compensation will also cover any rehabilitation costs, and death benefits in the case of a fatal accident.

Professional Liability Insurance

Licensed professionals such as Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Lawyers, and many other client-facing vocations require a professional liability insurance policy to cover incidents and liability exposures incurred during their practice.

A professional liability insurance policy will help ensure coverage against claims while performing their specialized line of work. The Progressive commercial website provides a section where individuals can find insurance coverage options by their specific profession.


Tools and Equipment Insurance

Most carriers offer insurance programs that include tools and equipment coverage options. Be sure to check with Progressive Commercial Insurance agents whether or not your policy includes coverage for tools and equipment damage or losses. A business owners policy is likely to include this type of option, but more often than not, customers will need to elect this coverage endorsement as an add-on or rider to their existing policies.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Progressive is known for their auto insurance products, and their popular television commercials featuring the character "Flo." The auto insurance product range includes many coverage options for automobiles, recreational vehicles, truck drivers, and other commercial vehicles.

Best Alternatives to Progressive Business Insurance

If you are looking to compare pricing for Progressive business insurance against any other insurance provider, one option to consider is The Hartford insurance company. This insurance carrier also issues auto insurance policies for both personal and commercial vehicles.

It is likely that if you are a business owner that owns or uses vehicles on the job, then shopping around for a BOP with commercial auto insurance coverage is a way to find better overall pricing.

What Sets Progressive Insurance Apart?

Progressive Commercial Insurance is a well-known company regarded for its reputation and boisterous television advertisements. Progressive has its own team of specialized in-house agents that can help current and future customers with questions pertaining to its suite of commercial business insurance products, unlike many other underwriters.

Progressive also works to recommend the best in class when it comes to outside carriers for their customer policies, ensuring that the quality of coverage is top of the line.

Who Shouldn't Use Progressive?

Individuals who have very specific business requirements and complex risk exposure should probably consider using an insurer that is specialized in high-risk business insurance enrollments and coverage options.

My Experience Researching Progressive

The first thing Progressive asks for in the quote process is your zip code. Once you enter your zip code, you are redirected to another page where you can select and confirm the type of insurance you would like to choose.

After that confirmation, you will be directed through a series of forms with several questions used to gather data and information on your profile, coverage requirements, nature of your business, and specific information such as an EIN—Employer Identification Number for businesses—or SSN—social security number for individual entities.

Depending on the type of insurance product selected, and your specific requirements, Progressive will generate your quote or potentially redirect you to one of their partner sites.

The best way to get a quote would be to call Progressive Commercial Insurance directly.

Summary / Should you purchase Progressive business insurance?

Progressive Business Insurance is ideal for individuals that may be operating a business that uses commercial vehicles. Progressive specializes in auto insurance policies, and customers with automotive coverage needs will benefit from Progressive's leadership in the market.


When looking at small business insurance carriers, we want to know that our customers are working with the best. This is why we search for carriers and marketplaces offering the highest AM Best ratings. We review the key features of each provider and research how costs are derived. The quote process is essential to a positive customer experience, which is why we strive to personally test the efficiency of each system, and pass that information on to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three types of business insurance?

Three types of business insurance include General Liability Policies, Business Owner Policies, and Workers Compensation Insurance Policies. Most small businesses, independent operators, and agencies use these kinds of insurance programs to manage risk and protect themselves and their customers against claims and loss.

Is Progressive a good commercial insurance?

Progressive is a superb commercial insurer—especially for businesses that operate with commercial vehicles. Progressive commercial insurance can also be useful for professional liability, as well as business owner policies.

What are the 3 main types of insurance most small businesses need?

The top three most common insurance products small businesses purchase include: General Liability, Workers' Compensation, and Professional Liability Insurance.

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